AC Course Spotlight Videos

The American Cultures Center is proud to offer wonderful opportunities such as Course Development Grants, and Teaching Awards that aim to celebrate your involvement within our courses. Below are spotlights of our faculty who teach various AC courses. 

Faculty Spotlights

AC Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Chris Schmitt [Video]

Course Spotlight: Integrative Biology 35AC - Dr. Chris Schmitt

Dr. Christopher Schmitt discusses his course, Integrative Biology 35AC, "Human Biological Variation".

AC Faculty Spotlight: Professor Derek Van Rheenen [Video]

Explore AC: Education 75AC - Professor Derek Van Rheenen

Education 75AC focuses on sports culture in the U.S. through an intersectional lens. This course highlights the ways in which sports have contributed to our society as well as how they marginalize certain communities through the bases of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability.

Course Spotlight: Dr. Khalid Kadir [Video]

Course Spotlight: Engineering 157AC - Dr. Khalid Kadir

Dr. Khalid Kadir introduces his ACES course: Engineering 157AC: Engineering, The Environment and the Society

Course Spotlight: Legal Studies 152AC

Course Spotlight: Legal Studies 152AC - Dr. Kieth Kiatt and ACES Fellow Alexandra Gonzalez

Spotlight on the ACES course Legal Studies 152AC 'Human Rights and Technology' with Dr. Keith Kiatt and ACES Fellow Alexandra Gonzales.

Course Spotlight: Art Practice W23AC

Course Spotlight: Practice of Art W23AC - Dr. Greg Niemeyer

Dr. Greg Niemeyer introduces the first ever fully online ACES course, American Cybercultures.

Course Spotlight: IAS 158AC/PACS 148AC

Course Spotlight: International and Area Studies 158AC / PACS 148 AC - Dr. Sean Burns

This spotlight feature includes ACES faculty member Dr. Sean Burns's course "Social Movements, Urban History, and the Politics of Memory" (IAS 158AC / PACS 148 AC). This course examines the extensive multi-racial social movement history of the San Francisco Bay Area.