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A collection of video clips, and films produced by the American Cultures Center staff, students, faculty, and key partners is available for your streaming convenience!

Workshop: 2017 Teaching Wikipedia as a Classroom Assignment


On September 6, 2017, the AC Center and Wiki Education presented a workshop on how to build Wikipedia assignments into course instruction. As an educational tool, the development of Wikipedia articles allows students to create collaborative work with a visible impact on a global audience. Whether adding new sources to existing Wikipedia pages or creating new pages on notable topics, students gain deeper insight into their course material and learn to evaluate critically the reliability of sources. With faculty and students reporting enthusiasm and high levels of...

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Find in our library previous records of workshops or panels related to teaching AC courses.

Cal Day

Cal Day attendants and tents near Sather GateEvery year the American Cultures Center celebrates the accomplishments of its faculty members and undergraduates. In the past we have hosted events featuring Engineering Scholars as Engaged Scholars (ES²), community partners, Cal alumni as well as current undergraduates.

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Theater, Dance & Performance Studies

Theater Dance and Performance Studies 52AC - Reflections of Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity in American Dance

Instructor: Krista DeNio
Semester: Summer 2015


Music 74AC/139AC - Hip Hop in Urban America

Instructor: Sara Lappas
Semester: Summer 2015

Rapping in Mandarin, Berkeley undergrad Vanessa Guo shared the stage with her teenage collaborator, Miyosha, and volunteer Juanita Greene at a lively, outdoor talent showcase last weekend in Richmond. The trio co-wrote the music and lyrics for “Dance with Me,” a hip-hop track about confidence and empowerment, through a partnership between the Richmond youth organization RYSE and a summer music course at Berkeley on the history of hip-hop in urban America....

American Religious History

About the Course

History 132C, American Religious History, taught by Professor Ronit Y. Stahl, surveys religion in the land that became the United States from colonial contact with indigenous people to the present with an emphasis on how religion has shaped and been shaped by, the American experience. It addresses enduring tensions between the presence of religious diversity, the ideals of religious pluralism, and the desire for religious power. What are the relationships between various American religious traditions and American society, politics, and culture? How have...

Course Spotlight: Engineering, The Environment, and Society

This Spring, Dr. Khalid Kadir, will be teaching a new ACES course, Engineering 157AC / International and Area Studies 157AC: Engineering, The Environment, and Society at UC Berkeley. The course will challenge students to look beyond the technical elements of their work and recognize the deeply social and political nature of engineering questions. With help from Berkeley Ph.D. student and Chancellor's Public Fellow Lara Cushing, Dr. Kadir has established partnerships with local and regional African-American, Asian-American, and Latino community groups, through which...

The Southern Border, Education 186AC / Ethnic Studies 159AC / Geography 159AC

About this Course Course Number: Cross-listed as Education 186AC, Ethnic Studies 159AC, and Geography 159AC Term Offered: Fall 2018 Instructor: Diana Negrin Course Description The 'Southern Border,’ examines how histories and geographies of the US southern border and how geographies have influenced migration, urbanization, activism, and racial and ethnic identity formation within the U.S. and countries along the...

AC Course Spotlight Videos

The American Cultures Center is proud to offer wonderful opportunities such as Course Development Grants, and Teaching Awards that aim to celebrate your involvement within our courses. Below are spotlights of our faculty who teach various AC courses.

History Of ACES - UC Berkeley Engaged Scholars Initiative (BESI)

The Berkeley Engaged Scholarship Initiative video project was designed to assist in narrating the meaning of engaged scholarship in UC Berkeley research and teaching. BESI became the foundations for our ACES Program offered today. The final Video Project, features a series of interviews with UC Berkeley faculty discussing their research as it relates to questions of public, community, and accessibility.