Teaching in Troubled Times

About the Program

The Teaching in Troubled Times series began in 2017 as a series of timely dialogues elevating some of the most pressing social and political questions that enter our lives and our classrooms. The series has fermented vibrant discussion and delivered ‘on-the-ground’ tools to support our students’ complex lives.  The series is co-hosted by the American Cultures Center, Academic Innovation Studio, Center for Teaching and Learning, and Division of Equity & Inclusion.

The Teaching in Troubled Times workshops will continue to build an arc of learning for the campus, bringing together experts from a cross-section of interests. The Teaching in Troubled Times workshop series will cumulatively present a unique opportunity to delve into the complications and opportunities our knowledge of student life at Berkeley brings. In this series of workshops, we will form a learning community that together will consider the meaning of inclusivity, acceptance, and belonging on and off our campus.

Participants can attend each individual conversation, or additionally participate in all four and the culminating ‘semester of learning’ event on December 5th, which will result in recognition by VC E&I, Oscar Dubon and VCUE, Cathy Koshland.