Community Reflections During COVID-19

Event Description

During times of crisis and disruption, it’s natural to default to very practical and immediate concerns. These are important. But as instructors, we also care about our students as people and as members of families and communities facing a multitude of challenges. We want to create conditions for them to thrive, even as we ourselves are learning to adapt to new and unfamiliar challenges. How do we ground ourselves in what’s important for each of us and our values, when everything is being upended? How do we sustain ourselves, meet the ever-changing needs of our students--especially those most vulnerable, stay true to our pedagogy and teaching philosophy, and also make room for reflection, strategic thinking, and hard questions in a time of profound transformation? How can we ensure that our new approaches are grounded in equity, inclusion and belonging? Where can we draw inspiration, strength, and support?

Since its inception in 2016, the Teaching in Troubled Times program series has been a communal and productive space for faculty and instructional staff to come together to discuss topics vital to our students’ lives and our own teaching. Even as the range of topics continues to expand and evolve in unexpected ways, our fundamental tenet--of colleagues learning from one another and sharing ideas, experiences, and expertise to best support students--remains unchanged. 

Join us on Thursday, April 2, from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for an open community conversation about teaching in the time of COVID-19. Come share your experience, talk about challenges and concerns, learn about resources, and offer advice and support to others. 

All are welcome. This conversation is confidential (to the extent that any open online discussion can be). We will not be recording, but we will capture insights and suggestions for participants and those who can’t make it.

Feel free to email questions ahead of time to Amy Scharf ( or request accommodations by contacting the Office of Disability Access and Compliance.

Please join using this Zoom meeting link (
(Note that for privacy and security reason, you will be asked to sign in with your Berkeley credentials.)


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