Inviting Students to Bring Themselves to Class: Connecting Learning and Lived Experiences

Event Description

In higher education, we want learning to be relevant to students’ lives, but how often do we explicitly incorporate students’ lives--who they are, what they know, where they come from--into our teaching and research? How do we take an asset-based approach, drawing upon the diversity of Berkeley's student population as well as our own subject matter expertise, to create a richer learning experience for everyone? What does this look like across different disciplines and what's at stake?



I want my students to leave [the classroom] with a more expensive sense of self.
Dr. Zeus Leonardo
At Berkeley part of our mission is to educate. And education is really about helping our students learn. And our students come from diverse backgrounds, different experiences. It helps them enhance their learning if we can connect the topic of the course with their personal experiences.
Dr. Tsu-Jae Liu