What to Do If ICE Comes to Campus: Rights, Recommendations, and Resources

Students in support of the undocumented communities in front of Sather Gate

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For privacy reasons and the well being of our undocumented community, there was no video or audio recordings of this event. Please find below the identified resources on this topic. For any further questions, please contact the appropriate unit below.

Event Description:

The ongoing national conversation about immigration status lies across a bipartisan political landscape, but statements made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Thomas Homan indicate that enforcement will be significantly increased and specifically target California.

In response, across the U.C. system broadly and at U.C. Berkeley specifically, procedures and recommendations have been shared on best preparing to support all members of our undocumented community. However, understandable questions remain in what support we can draw on, and how to respond to possible contact with officials.

This forum provided an opportunity for detailed consideration of our individual concerns and collective needs.

Campus and Community Resources

Logo for the Alameda County Immigration Legal & Education Partnership

Rapid Responses to ICE

If you see U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in your area, report it immediately to these hotlines or contact the University of California's Chief Campus Counsel, David M. Robinson (510-642-7791 or dmrobinson@berkeley.edu):

-Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership (ACILEP)(link is external)'s ICE Activity Rapid Response and Legal Services Hotline: 510-241-4011
-United We Dream(link is external) Hotline: 1-844-363-1423

know your rights

Know Your Rights if Approached by Immigration Enforcement Agents

The University of California has developed a pamphlet reminding undocumented students of their constitutional rights, especially if they are stopped by immigration enforcement officers. These rights include exercising their right to remain silent and not answer questions until they have consulted with an attorney. Download pamphlet

Undocumented Student Program

UC Berkeley's Undocumented Student Program (USP) practices a holistic, multicultural, and solution-focused approach that delivers individualized service for each student. USP's academic counselinglegal support, financial aid resources, and extensive campus referral network helps students develop the talents they each bring to the university while empowering a sense of belonging. In addition, USP collaborates with Staff Diversity Initiatives to create curriculum and training for students, faculty, and staff to increase institutional support for undocumented students. Learn more.

Photo of the UC Immigrant Legal Service Center Staff

UC Immigrant Legal Services Center

The University of California Immigrant Legal Services Center, established in 2015 and operating out of UC Davis School of Law, is a groundbreaking program that reaches out to students and their immediate family members at UC campuses. The Center provides free legal services to help students achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential. To make an appointment please contact the Center(link is external)Learn more

ICE Sweeps Briefing for Students, Staff, Faculty and Administrators

The Division of Equity and Inclusion has prepared a briefing document to safeguard our campus from disruptions to our academic environment and to ensure that our campus community is equipped to respond. Read and learn more about roles and responsibilities in the case of a campus ICE sweep. Learn more