What to Do If ICE Comes to Campus: Rights, Recommendations, and Resources

Students in support of the undocumented communities in front of Sather Gate

No video or transcript available.

For privacy reasons and the well being of our undocumented community, there was no video or audio recordings of this event. Please find below the identified resources on this topic. For any further questions, please contact the appropriate unit below.

Event Description:

The ongoing national conversation about immigration status lies across a bipartisan political landscape, but recent statements made by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Thomas Homan indicate that enforcement will be significantly increased and specifically target California.

In response, across the U.C. system broadly and at U.C. Berkeley specifically, procedures and recommendations have been shared as to how we can best prepare to support all members of our undocumented community. However, there are understandable questions remaining in what support we can draw on, and how to respond to possible contact with officials.

This forum provided an opportunity for detailed consideration of our individual concerns and collective needs.


Our conversation was supported by the participation of:

*Liliana Iglesias, Program Director of Undocumented Student Program

*Professor Leti Volpp, Berkeley Law, and Director of the Center for Race and Gender

*Maria Blanco, Executive Director of the University of California Immigrant Legal Services Center.

The discussion was facilitated by Assistant Vice Chancellor Fabrizio Mejia, Student Equity and Success, Division of Equity & Inclusion, U.C. Berkeley.