ACES Courses

"ACES has made me realize the possibility and pedagogical benefit of off-campus experiences for students. I realize I can do this without sacrificing the rigorous academic and theoretical elements of my course"

ACES courses represent corners of campus that highlights the intent of the AC requirement, while also deepening the meaning of that intent through a combination of multi-disciplinary research and praxis, the development of students and community partners as co-educators, mentoring opportunities, and increased and sustained accessibility of information.

To learn about projects developed with ACES community partners, please visit the ACES Student Community Projects

The ACES Program provides support for faculty to incorporate community-based learning into new or revised AC courses. If you are a faculty member interested in developing or continuing an ACES course, please visit our Grants page.

2021-22 ACES Courses

Fall 2021 ACES Courses:

  • ANTHRO C12AC (cross-listed as ESPM C22AC), "Fire: Past, Present and Future Interactions with the People and Ecosystems of California," Instructors: Scott L Stephens, Kent G Lightfoot
  • ART W23AC, "Digital Media: Foundations," Instructor: Greg Niemeyer
  • ASAMST W20AC, "Asian American Communities and Race Relations," Instructor: Harvey C Dong
  • ASAMST 128AC, "Muslims in America," Instructor: Hatem Ahmad Bazian
  • ASAMST 143AC, "Asian American Health," Instructor: Winston Tseng
  • CYPLAN 118AC, "The Urban Community," Instructors: Ricardo HuertaRenee Roy Elias
  • EDUC W190A 001 - LEC 001, "Berkeley Changemaker: Critical Studies in Education," Instructor: Christyna Serrano
  • EDUC W190A UC01 - LEC UC01, "Berkeley Changemaker: Critical Studies in Education," Instructor: Christyna Serrano
  • EDUC 190AC 001 - LEC 001, "Critical Studies in Education," Instructor: Glynda Hull
  • EDUC 190AC 001 - LEC 002, "Critical Studies in Education," Instructor: Glynda Hull
  • ESPM 50AC, "Introduction to Culture and Natural Resource Management," Instructor: Kurt Spreyer
  • ETHSTD 190AC, "Inside and Beyond Walls: Migra, Masses and the Carceral State," Instructor: Victoria Robinson
  • LEGALST 162AC, "Restorative Justice," Instructor: Julie Shackford-Bradley
  • PUBPOL 192AC, "Social Movements, Organizing & Policy Change," Instructor: Sarumathi Jayaraman
  • SOCIOL 116AC, "Work, Justice and the Labor Movement," Instructor: Anibel F Ferus-Comelo
  • SOCWEL 150AC, "Race, Ethnic Relations, and Social Welfare in the United States," Instructor: Kurt C Organista