Angela Marino

One of the things I focused on in teaching the class was trying to make this an integrated experience where students recognize the ways that form and content are always mutually constitutive.

With the goal of further studying the ways in which arts and performance institutions continue to support and uphold racism, Angela Marino in Fall 2019 taught Theater 25AC: “Performance in América.” This course considers America as contested territory, where multiple Americas are not just written but also performed. By studying performance we look at how different meanings of America have been constructed over time. This class especially focuses on race intersecting with class and gender in the United States towards stronger anti-racist and anti-imperialist collective strategies for artists, scholars, and other cultural producers. Course materials include plays, live performances, popular media, music, gestures, and symbols. which we examine in written assignments, discussion, a midterm, and a final web-based essay project. 

Reimagining The Founding of America

Theater 25AC: “Performance in América”

Theater 25AC: “Performance in América” explores performance and its power to reflect and reproduce social systems of race in América, where the “accent mark” suggests multiple possibilities, histories, and changing views of what it is to imagine and locate oneself within this country and region of the world.