ACES Artist In Residence

ACES Artist In Residence (AIR)

Every year, the ACES program appoints an Artist-in-Residence for ACES to work with Berkeley faculty, fellows, community partners, and students, in the integration of new media supporting the courses and collaborative relationships that constitute the engaged scholarship program of the AC Center.  An AIR is integral in the development of a creating dialogues with campus partners, local artists and community leaders.

2016-2018 AIR

Leslie Dreyer is the American Cultures Engaged Scholarship (ACES) Artist in Residence (AIR). The AIR position exists to elevate and emphasize the importance of cultural production in social justice organizing, as well as the significance of local community members constructing the narrative that is created between the “Scholarship” and the “Community” elements of ACES.

2015 AIR

In 2015, students in Dr. Sarah Lappas's ACES Course, Music 74AC/139AC, 'Hip Hop in Urban America,' partnered with Richmond youth of the RYSE Youth Center to learn about the history of hip-hop in America and collaborate on a hip-hop mixtape.  Throughout the project, they shared their perspectives and experiences and forged connections that helped them to engage critically and creatively with issues of race and privilege, while fostering new understandings of Bay Area communities.  

In the fall 2015, Dr. Lappas became the ACES AIR and began to develop an audio documentary of the students experiences in the ACES courses.  In spring 2016, she finalized and presented the documentary to the campus in one of AC's Spotlight Series events entitled 'to create a student narrative of their experiences in this ACES partnership entitled 'In and Out the Rich: A Hip Hop Project and Community Partnership.'  Please visit her ACES student project page for the finalized audio documentary.

2014 AIR

In 2014, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr’s, “I Have A Dream”, ACES Artist-in-Residence, Evan Bissell, unveiled a digital art media project in memorial of the celebrated speech.The project itself consists of a poignant collage of images, photographs, and abstract design streaming in sync with the words of the speech in its entirety.

The project, initiated by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University, was created by Evan over a 10- month period.  The piece is hosted at

Evan co-presented his work with ACES Director, Victoria Robinson, at the annualImagining America conference in October, 2013. Learn more about Evan at