Episode 4 -The Urban Experience: Race, Class, Gender and the American City


In this episode, the UC Berkeley Pedagogy Podcast team features Brandi Summers, a Professor in the Department of Geography at UC Berkeley. Professor Summers shares with us the philosophy that “the diverse teaching tools and strategies created in the class are part of my commitment to engaged pedagogy, which has developed based on the presumption that classrooms are spaces that hold promise for radical change and growth within and outside the classroom. As an engaged...

Comp Lit 60AC: "(Re)Making American History"

About the Course Assignment

Since Spring 2019, Dr. Palau has taught and continues to teach Comparative Literature 60AC: “(Re)making American History,” a course that explores Post-Civil Rights (re)makings of American History by studying works by writers and artists who participate in the urgent project of producing alternative and corrective visions of the United States’ past. The creative project in this course asks students to experiment actively with (re)making history themselves by selecting a course material that would serve as a starting...

Episode 3 - Worldlings: Regions, Peoples, and States


"Heck, my major is math, and I've barely taken any humanities classes in my life, but this sure was worth it." So states one student reflecting on their time in Dr. Jake Kosek's American Cultures course, Geography 10AC. Drawing students from across the disciplinary spectrum, and for many their first experience of a Geography classroom, the unifying theme of the class is the contested relations...

Episode 2 - Transforming Tech: Issues and Interventions in STEM and Silicon Valley


Bringing to the fore massive surveillance networks, playful apps, police checkpoints, and social media campaigns, Professor Abigail De Kosnik's 'Transforming Tech' American Cultures Course (New Media 151AC) takes a critical lens to a collection of high-profile issues within an industry of daunting influence, exposing the underpinnings of the power dynamics at play across issues including border enforcement, algorithmic bias, tech worker activism, misinformation, and more. It...

Berkeley Pedagogy Podcast

A discussion of equity, inclusion and justice in the classroom at UC Berkeley. Hosted by the American Cultures Center and Center for Teaching and Learning at UC Berkeley.

Episode 5 - Seeing People: Understanding Homelessness' Roots, Stigmas & Solutions


In this episode, we discuss a key aspect of Professor Auerswald’s work - her role as an educator. At UC Berkeley, she offers a course entitled “Seeing People: Understanding Homelessness’ Roots, Stigmas & Solutions - A Berkeley Changemaker Course.” This course aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of homelessness, its origins, the systems and services set up to address it, and the potential strategies for...

Creative Discovery Fellows (CDF) Support


To help support creative/digital projects in your courses, the following set of resources are available for immediate implementation.

Creative Web-based Applications


Are you interested in software that can supplement or substitute those found in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite? If so, please review our curated list of creative web-based tools that will allow you and your students to develop audio, graphic, photo, and film projects.