Introducing: "Digna Rabia, A Digital Journal in Chicana/o/x Studies"

professor pablo gonzalez, ethnic studiesMessage from Dr. Pablo Gonzalez, Lead Editor of Digna Rabia and Instructor for Ethnic Studies 10AC:

"The inaugural undergraduate journal, Digna Rabia: A Digital Journal in Chicana/o/x Studies, is a collaborative multi-media project using technologies like augmented reality and podcast production. The journal which includes undergraduate visual ethnographies and oral histories was produced using several Adobe programs. In particular, the use of InDesign, Adobe Portfolio, and Adobe Audition was essential for the completion of the journal. Such an endeavor speaks to the commitment of students to telling the deeply rooted stories of migration of parents, relatives, and loved ones. For the visual ethnographies, students were introduced to ethnographic fieldwork methods where they were tasked with taking pictures and images on the broad topic of conducting an ethnography in the time of COVID. The images were then placed on Adobe portfolio and embedded with augmented reality effects using Artivive. Similarly, the migrations course wrote oral histories and research papers on migration stories. Students were asked to include old photos and images that accompanied their projects. These photos were also embedded with augmented reality through Artivive. The project received support from the Creative Discovery Grant and the School of Arts and Design. Initially, the vision was to create a physical gallery exhibition series of visual ethnographies and images from the Chicana/o Ethnography and the Mexican and Central American Migrations courses. Due to COVID-19, the project pivoted to an online digital journal that could still use the images in a unique and accessible way and that could include the augmented reality effect of the initial project. We hope to continue producing bi-annual journals for the Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies Program dedicated to showcasing the work of undergraduates at UC Berkeley."