'FIRE,' Anthropology C12AC/ESPM C22AC

Fire: Anthropology C12AC/ESPM C22AC

FIRE: Past, Present and Future Interactions with the People and Ecosystems of California

Most Californians today fear catastrophic wild-land fires that each year scorch millions of acres of land, cost hundreds of millions of dollars to fight, and destroy human lives and property. Yet people have not always lived in dread of conflagrations. This class emphasizes how our interactions with wildfires in California have changed dramatically over the centuries, and that there is much that can be learned from earlier fire management strategies—some of which may be applicable to our contemporaneous world.

*This course is an L&S Big Ideas Courses

Kent Lightfoot (Anthropology) 
cott Stephens (ESPM)

Anthropology C12AC (CCN:30797)
ESPM C22AC (CCN 30547) 
Fall 2018
MWF 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
4 Units

Historical Studies
Social and Behavioral Sciences
American Cultures