Gregory Choy

Initially, I felt resistant to overwrought tech impeding my pedagogy. However, I've discovered that there are many 'middle grounds'--contextual, open, inviting and obvious. Many faculty and students are doing outstanding work using the Adobe suite of apps. I personally will rely more heavily on students showcasing their knowledge through creative projects such as Spark pages. Thanks for opening me up to this!

Dr. Gregory Choy joined UC Berkeley's Department of Ethnic Studies in 2004, where he has served as an instructor in Comparative Ethnic Studies and Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies. Since that time, Dr. Choy has taught courses on Asian American Literature, Art, and Ethnic Movements, especially from a cross-section of the art and cultural production within American ethnic-specific and interethnic contexts. He received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Washington and wrote his dissertation on Asian American Literature.  

Photograph of the Asian American Women Artists Association

Ethnic Studies 176, "Against the Grain: Ethnic American Art and Artists"

Ethnic Studies 176 by Professor Gregory Choy: introduces students to thematic and socio-historical issues related to art and cultural production. One of the many aims of this course is for students to not only learning how to ask questions of what they read/view, but to formulate the questions what a work is asking of one as a reader/viewer. Students write about and discuss the works, artists, and artistic production covered in this course critically, analytically, and passionately.