Public Health

Public Health 150E - Introduction to Community Health and Human Development

Instructor: Bill Satariano 
Semester: Spring 2014- Spring 2016

Using the Federal Reserve Bank’s Health and Wealth Inequities Across Bay Area Rapid Transit Stations as a starting point, journalism graduate student Jake Nicol worked with students from Public Health 150E (Introduction to Community Health and Human Development) and Professor Bill Satariano to produce an interactive documentary. The team built a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) map website with embedded video stories from individual community members and organizations. To highlight the wide range of health inequities, these stories focused on individuals representative of some of the most disparate Bay Area communities in terms of both wealth and health outcomes. Through partnerships with community organizations and in collaboration with the Journalism School, the group gathered data, testimonies, and video components for the project.

To learn more, please visit Station to Station: Health Inequities in the Bay Area

station to station