Engineering for Social Change

Engineering/International and Area Studies 157AC - Engineering, The Environment and Society

Instructor: Khalid Kadir
Semester: Spring 2015 - Spring 2017 

Dr. Khalid Kadir, leads a group of qualified engineering students in his ACES course, Engineering 157AC / International and Area Studies 157AC: Engineering, The Environment, and Society at UC Berkeley. The course challenges students to look beyond the technical elements of their work and recognize the deeply social and political nature of engineering questions. With help from Berkeley Ph.D. student and Chancellor's Public Fellow Lara Cushing, Dr. Kadir has established partnerships with local and regional African-American, Asian-American, and Latino community groups, through which students have the opportunity to engage in multiple real-world projects affecting these diverse communities. Projects address a variety of environmental and social justice issues including contaminated drinking water, industrial pollution, and air pollution.  Click below for the products of the students' and community partners' work: