Sociology 3AC - Principles of Sociology

Instructor: Tiffany Page
Semester: Spring 2016 - Spring 2017

In ​​Dr. Tiffany Linton Page​'s Sociology 3AC​ ACES course, 'Principles of Sociology​,' students explore ​different patterns of ​racial ​inequalities and ​their origins. ​By pairing classroom learning with fieldwork with community partner experts such as the East Oakland Boxing Association (EOBA) and Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth​ (RJOY), students recognize​ ​how institutions have continually created and reproduced the same patterns of inequality, how ​such institutions have changed, and the affect​s​ social movements and circumstances have played in social change.​ 

As a part of the engaged scholarship component of this course, five students developed an online resource guide for girls ​to discover employment​,​ ​health, and education resources​ as well ​as women-specific resources (including shelters for homeless ​​women and sexual health clinics)​. ​​Please click ​on the categories below for examples of resources developed in Dr. Page's AC course or visit ​the website.