Creative Discovery Fellows (CDF) Support for Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Resources

To help support creative/digital projects in your courses, the following set of resources are available for implementation in Fall 2021.

Two individuals seated on a couch in front of table with a laptop and tablet

One-on-one support

Our CDF team is available to support you in the development of creative assignments and introduce you to a host of software and online tools to carry out those assignments.  Please schedule an appointment with our consultants to get started.

Blurry photo of a student making classroom presentation

In-Class Tutorials for Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Software

Our CDF team is also available to provide you and your class with a basic overview of how to use software from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. To request an in-class presentation, please email

CDF Curriculum Hub

The CDF curriculum hubprovides a step by step/adaptable process integrating anti-racism pedagogy structure and process into creative project assignments. 

Screenshot of Creative Discovery Student Hub

Creative Discovery Student Tools Hub

This site contains resources to help you start and successfully complete a creative project. If you need help accessing the CDF Curriculum Hub or this one, please contact

Web-based alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Are you interested in software that can supplement or substitute those found in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite? If so, please review our curated list of creative web-based tools that will allow you and your students to develop audio, graphic, photo, and film projects.

Photo reminding everyone of how to renew Adobe License in 2021-22

Important note about Adobe Creative Cloud in 2021-22

For the 2021-22 academic year, individual renewal of the Adobe Creative Cloud license is required to use any of the software from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. Instructions for renewing license vary between faculty/staff and students, which you can read about on this page