Integrative Biology

Integrative Biology 35AC & 190 - Human Biological Variation
Instructor: Leslea Hlusko & Tesla Monson 
Semester: Spring 2015 - Fall 2017

One of the world’s top ten most widely read websites, with approximately 550 million unique visitors per month, Wikipedia articles are often the number one hit when using a search browser.  In spring 2016, Leslea Hlusko and eleven undergraduates in Integrative Biology (IB) 190 developed month-long projects that students in IB 35AC will participate in through their discussion sections starting in the fall of 2016. Each discussion section edited a Wikipedia article about a topic related to the class. Every student was trained to be a Wikipedian and developed the skills (and hopefully the motivation) to share their Berkeley-gained knowledge with the world through the improvement of Wikipedia.

Examples of the IB 190/IB 35 students project can be found below: