2019 Teaching in the Summer Workshop

Teaching AC in the Summer 2019

Every year we host workshops that focus on some of the best approaches to teaching an intensive six- or ten-week summer course at UC Berkeley.

In 2019, the American Cultures Center partnered with Summer Sessions, the Center for Teaching and Learning, Among the topics discussed included strategies for managing extended summer class time, what to expect from summer student enrollment, the specifics of the American Cultures curriculum requirement, and teaching to issues of racial and economic justice in diverse classrooms

Event Video Index

We have created links for you to easily jump to the different segments of the 2019 workshop. If you would like to watch a particular segment of the event, please select one of the links below. 

  1. Syllabus & Motivation (0:00)
  2. Using bCourses Effectively (57:41)
  3. Intro to Accessibility (2:01:42)
  4. Library Services for Instructors - Summer 2019 (3:06:00)
  5. Advice on Teaching in the Summer (3:15:30)
  6. Teaching AC in the Summer (3:47:09)

Resources for Teaching in Summer

This section contains the materials that were distributed by the speakers from the different segments of our 2019 Teaching in Summer Workshop.  Please email americancultures@berkeley.edu if you have any trouble accessing these links.

Resources for Teaching an AC Course in the Summer

bCourses Tools

Library Resources